At the time you received an estimate for your local move, you were provided with various options of valuation protection. Valuation is not insurance, but a contractual agreement that prescribes the declaration of the value of your property in the event that loss or damage occurs during your move with NL Wilson Moving, Inc. The option you chose prior to moving can be found on the last page(s) of your estimate and again on the Order for Service/ Bill of Lading/ receipt that you received a copy of after your move was complete.

  • In the unfortunate event that cargo damage does occur on your move, you must complete the attached Cargo Claim Form in its entirety and submit the completed form to claims@nlwilsonmovers.com, you may also fax to (913) 307-0131 or send via regular mail to 315 N. Lindenwood Dr, Olathe, KS 66062. Failure to provide NL Wilson Moving, Inc. with a completed claims form within 30 days from the date of delivery will mean that it is presumed that the damage did not occur during the move. Please include any photo’s you have that document the damaged item(s).

  • If you chose and paid for Full Replacement Value (FRV); This means that if an item is damaged, we must pay to repair it or have the repairs completed for you. If the item cannot be repaired, we must pay the replacement value of the item.

local claims

When no level of Valuation is selected, you are automatically given the regulated minimum valuation of $0.30 per pound per item. When you choose the minimum level of valuation, NL Wilson Moving, Inc. is contractually obligated to pay you no more than $0.30 per pound per item.

If it is possible for NL Wilson Moving, Inc., to repair any items at our facility or on-site, while not required to, we will do our best to accomplish the repair as an act of good will when no level of Valuation is selected.

It is important to remember that NL Wilson Moving, Inc., does not provide valuation protection of any kind for Boxes Packed by Owner (PBO’s) due to the fact that the condition of the contents inside the box as well as the method’s used to pack the contents are unknown at the time of moving.