Specialty Moving Services

Need help moving and packing heavy items? No need to fret, N.L. Wilson Moving & StorageĀ® can help you with all your moving needs.

Moving is often associated with heavy lifting, and with good reason. In fact, it is one of our requirements for hiring each and every one of our movers. We are capable of moving very heavy items safely. We have lots of experience and practice moving large and heavy objects through all types of homes and small stairways.

With our large item shipping service, our full-service movers will come inside at pickup, carefully pack and prepare your large items for shipping and load your large item or items on our moving truck. The movers will also bring your large items inside the new location at delivery. Regardless of size, our full-service movers and packers are capable of moving it. We have the knowledge, expertise, and know how to properly prepare, pack, move and store your oversized items. Call our moving company for all your specialty moving needs!